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As Your List Grows The Delivery To Everybody On
The List Takes Longer


FanContact will serve your business well and you may find yourself login to it every day to check how many new subscribers you have and to send promo messages.

As your list grows you will notice that above 500 subscribers the delivery of your messages takes some time to reach all subscribers on the list.

This is completely normal and related to what we call save sending speed.

The save sending speed is the speed of sending, which works decently for delivery without raising Facebook system attention that may cause link auto blocking or other red flags.

If You Have Bigger List & You Promote Product Launches, Running Webinars, Or Promote Anything Time Sensitive You Need This Offer.

If you are just sending a promo message, which does not require to be delivered within specific time window, the delivery time does not affect you that much.

However if you are running webinar, promote product launches or any other promotions which require delivery within specific time window, it is important for you to pay attention to this offer.

FanContact is the very first app, that we know of, which allows you to connect multiple senders app to the system and distribute message sending between them.

Deliver Messages To Your List Up To 5, 15, or 50 Times Faster

Multiple apps allow you to send messages, much faster - up to as many times as is the number of sender apps connected to your account without going above save sending speed.

For example if you have 15 sender apps, you can send up to 15 times faster than with single sending app.

The good ballpark figure is to have 1 sender app per each 500 subscribers if you want timely delivery.

If spreading your message delivery across several hours is ok, 1 sender app per 3000 subscribers is enough.

Take Advantage Of Current Low Experimental Prices Before They Change.

Sender apps cause very heavy server load with each of sender apps being practically comparable to separate account.

So current prices for sender app packs are experimental and might go up any time to cover our costs related to server processing, internet bandwidth required for parallel sending, and data consumption for messages delivery.

We suggest to get the advantage of current low price and upgrade your account now to avoid possible price increase, which might happen very soon.

Get the send app pack now and we will see you in the member area.

Get FanContact Sender Apps Today!

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