Use FanContact With
More Than One Facebook Account.


Thank you for investing in FanContact.

We know you are going to love it and use every day in your business, but before you go into member area we have a very special offer we want you to really that advantage of.

It is our business upgrade which will allow you to use FanContact with more than one facebook account.

You will also get a license to use your FanContact account to provide services to other businesses.

If You Are A Marketer With Many Facebook Accounts, Or A Consultant Working With Clients You Need This Offer.

Currently you already can connect unlimited facebook pages and send unlimited messages using one Facebook account, but if you are a marketer with many facebook accounts, or a consultant working with clients you need this offer.

Below on this page you have an opportunity to upgrade your account to support 10, 30, or 100 Facebook accounts.

Act Now While Current Prices Are Still Available

Since the support for many facebook accounts is very taxing on our servers we might be forced to raise prices listed on this page significantly or discontinue this offer without any notice.

If you leave this page now and return later the prices might be higher or the offer might be already closed.

Get the advantage of current low price and upgrade your account now.

Thanks, and see you in the member area.

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FanContact BUSINESS 100 FB accounts support
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