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Use The Same Promo Tech eBay, Youtube, CNN, New York Times, and Other Top Companies Are Already Using.




Ok, so now you have already seen all the offers we had related to building messenger, notification, and email lists using Facebook.

But in today’s busy world you need to use any advantage you can to get people notice your promotions and click on your links.

Companies like ebay, youtube, cnn, new york times, and others know that and they all started using new technology, which allows them to message people directly on their computers and Android phones even if the viewer’s browser in not on their website.


Send Unlimited Messages, Create Unlimited Lists & Create Unlimited Follow Up Sequences

If you want to have access to the same technology those top companies are using to boost their engagement and sales, you want to pay close attention this offer.

It is our BrowserContact module upgrade, which allows you to promote directly to people’s computers and Android phones with your message showing on top of any other app.

With BrowserContact you can send unlimited messages, create unlimited lists, create unlimited follow up sequences, and use GEO targeting.

Messages display both image and text which subscribers can click to get to your website, affiliate offer or ecommerce store.

All It Takes For People To Join Your Browser Notification List Is Click or Tap


It is extremely easy to build browser notification list using BrowserContact.

All it takes is just copy and paste of single line of code to add BrowserContact to your blog, website or ecommerce store.

To have your marketing message seen by maximum number of people you need to use all the ways to contact people.

BrowserContact opens the whole new way to collect additional subscribers.

All it takes for people to join your browser notification list is to click or tap, and then you can message them all you want.


Money Is In The List. The bigger The List,

The More Profits You Can Make.


With the use of BrowserContact you can grow your list beyond Facebook and email.

It not only gives you new promotion channel totally independent from Facebook, but most importantly, you can reach more people, which means more sales.

In other words, if you are not messaging people in their browsers you are losing money.

So add BrowserContact module to your order and I will see you in member area.

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