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Build Both Emails & Notification Lists



You already took a big step toward more sales by adding FanContact to your marketing mix, but the more ways you can get attention of people on Facebook, and the more ways you can build an email list, the better your results could be.

On this page you can get FanContact Notimail module, which gives you the ability to both siphon email subscribers from Facebook and build Facebook notification list.

Notimail is integrated with over 30 email autoresponders and can transfer email leads to multiple systems at the same time.


Get Subscribers From Anywhere


You will be able to get subscribers not only from posts of Facebook itself but from anywhere on other social media: your blog, website, and even ecommerce store, as long as the user has a Facebook account and accepts your app invitation.

In other words Notimail module allows you to collect both Facebook notification and email subscribers, so you will not only get massive promotion boost from Facebook notifications, but you will also be able to build email list on top of it.

Leverage The First Thing The User Does On Facebook After Login


With Notimail, you can send notifications for Facebook users as instant broadcasts, scheduled broadcast, and follow up sequences.

And think about it, the first thing the user does on facebook is to check notifications by clicking on globe icon at top of page, and this is exactly where you will be able to post messages.

Facebook notifications can include image, text, and link to which the user is redirected after click.

Display Promotions

Alongside Friends’ Activities

Notymail Facebook notifications show the same way as other notifications the user checks every day.

It means that the user will see them why scrolling through notifications from friends.

Your promotions are displayed alongside friends’ activities and that makes them very powerful.

Clearly the Notymail module can bring your marketing reach to the next level, so go ahead, get it, and I will see you inside the member area.

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