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Do Not Depend Exclusively On
Facebook For Your Promotions.

Now you have already seen all the extra features of FanContact related to building and growing your messenger subscribers list.

As good as messenger marketing currently is, you do not want to be dependent exclusively on Facebook for your promotions.

What if Facebook strategy changes two years from now, and they no longer allow marketers to promote on messenger for free, but instead force them to pay, or just don’t allow it anymore all together.

Build The Email List On The Same Fan Pages
You Build Your Messenger Lists

Nobody can foresee what Facebook may do in the future, so the best strategy is to have a way to promote outside of Facebook as well.

While good email list open rate in now around 10%, it still can be a lot of people.

You just need an easy and effective way to build the email list on the same fan pages you build your messenger list on.

Capture Email Subscribers
With Just Two Clicks Or Taps

Did you know that facebook now allows you to make special post on your fan page, which enables you to capture email subscribers with just two clicks or taps, and connect that post to external software for email transfer to regular autoresponders?

Yes, now Facebook allows that, so if you are interested in building email list using the same fan pages you will use to build messenger list, you want to pay close attention to this offer.

On this page you can get our Fanpage Email Grabber software, which allows you to transfer your Facebook subscribers to over 30 email marketing, autoresponder, webinar, and membership management platforms.

All the subscribers have to do in order to get on your list, is double click or double tap. They do not even have to type anything or accept any kind of application.

Powerful Way To Make Even More Profits.

Fanpage Email Grabber not only instantly transfers subscribers to multiple email marketing software, webinar platforms, and membership software, all at the same time, but it also has built-in instant coupon system for unique & mass codes for maximum instant sale conversion.

You can also send people to any website, ecommerce store or affiliate offer after they subscribed, which is very powerful way to make even more profits.

If you feel like email list building on the same fan pages used for messenger list building is a good idea, get Fanpage Email Grabber now and I will see you in member area.

Get in on the action like top marketers, viral content producers, and brands do.

Fanpage Email Grabber



Fanpage Email Grabber

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