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Take Your Sales Conversions To The Next Level


I am sure you already see massive value it will bring to your business.

Now you can send unlimited messages to your customers and prospects to keep them satisfied and make more sales.

Right now, to maximize conversion, you can already separate your subscribers by fan page and send separate promo messages matching the page audience.

If that is all you need you are all set.

However, if you want to take your sales conversions to the next level, upsell customers, and reduce number of people leaving your list, you want to pay close attention to this offer.


Skyrocket Funnel & Cross Sales


What you can get on this page is Contact Segmenter module, which enables you to segment subscriber depending on the product they purchased and web page they visited.

In other words it allows you to create segments with people who purchased specific product or visited specific page on your website, blog, and ecommerce store.

If you are a vendor it means that you will be able to send special promotions to prospects who did not purchased a product yet, send different messages depending on which step in your sales funnel customer is on, and cross-sell similar products to those already purchased by the customers.

If you are an affiliate you will be able to send different messages to those who visited your landing page, to those who did not visit it yet, and be able to promote vendor upsell directly to those who already purchased the main product.

Reduce Number Of People Leaving Your List


Both vendor and affiliates can use Contact Segmenter to separate those who clicked link in a message and reached landing page without the need for tracking link which might be blocked by Facebook.

Contact Segmenter allows you to both include and exclude segments for sending messages so you can send message only to that part of the list you want to.

Ability to send promotions to targeted subscribers not only maximizes sales conversions by delivering only most relevant messages, but also significantly reduces number of people unsubscribing by not bombarding them with promotions for the products they already purchased or have no interest of.

Great Accuracy Of Segmentation

By Using Two Systems


Contact Segmenter achieves great accuracy of segmentation by using two systems which can work together or separately.

You can place pixel code on your web page, blog, or ecommerce store to mark all visitors, and you can also import a list of buyers, or referred customers to match them to your list.

If you are an affiliate, most good affiliate platforms allow you to download list of people who purchased through your link.

It allows you to avoid repeating the same promotion to people who already converted and, instead, upsell them.

Take Advantage of

Experimental One-Time Price


As you see Contact Segmenter module is a very powerful tool, which can help you skyrocket profits and help you retain your list size.

Because those segments take ever growing database space on your account and the pixel placed on your pages fire every time you have a visitor, we are not sure how long we will be able to sustain one time price.

So go ahead, take advantage of current low one time price, and upgrade your order.

I will see you in the member area.

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FanContact Contact Segmenter module
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