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Leverage Most Natural Facebook Activity

FanContact will help you grow your list much faster because it does not force you to wait for people to message your page, but instead the software can proactively add to your list everybody who commented on posts you set auto-reply for.

Since commenting on posts is the most natural facebook activity and people do it without thinking, it is the easiest way to build the messenger list.

Adding commenters to your list is achieved by a combination of auto-reply to the comments on posts, followed by the import of subscribers from the page inbox.

You can already manually enable auto-reply to comments for unlimited posts.

Comment Reply Assistant Automatically
Sets Up Auto-reply For All New Posts

If you only make a post or two per day, and do not plan to use any automatic posting to help you grow your fan pages, you do not need that upgrade.

However if you are using or planning to use any kind of software, which automates content posting to your fan pages, you want to pay close attention to this special offer.

On this page you can get Comment Reply Assistant upgrade.

Comment Reply Assistant automatically sets up auto-reply for comments on all your posts on fan pages you select.

If you are posting a lot, have posting automated or plan to do it, manually setting auto-reply for every post is a real pain and can cost you a lot of wasted time.

It Takes Only A Few Clicks To Set Up Comment Reply Assistant And Get All These Extra Subscribers.

FanContact crunches very often through all of your pages to discover all the posts set to auto-reply, then it mills through all those posts to find all the comments, then parses every comment to get everybody who commented, then tediously finds out which of commenters were not replied to yet, and then sends auto-replies to all new once.

For you, it takes only a few clicks to set up Comment Reply Assistant and get all these extra subscribers.

At the same time, in order to auto-reply to correct people, FanContact uses server intensive processing, which causes very high processor load for extensive periods of time, massive number of communication sessions between FanContact and Facebook, and significant data consumption.

Take advantage of the low
experimental subscription price.

Comment Reply Assistant massively increases ever growing number of posts FanContact needs to crunch through, which results in bigger and much more expensive to maintain server farm.

Because of that huge server farm’s cost, we might be forced to make the price of Smart Contact Adder subscription much higher soon.

But today, we are experimenting with low subscription price so make sure to get it now, while the experimental price is still active.

If you leave this page now and come back later the price might be much higher.

So if you want to grow the list way faster, upgrade to Comment Reply Assistant now, and we will see you in member area.

Get in on the action like top marketers, viral content producers, and brands do.

Comment Reply Assistant
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